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Basingstoke and District Model Engineering Society
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B1 locomotive with passengers

Thank you for visiting in 2018

It's hard to remember now, but the start of the year was very wet; we lost one running day and the planned weekend for our Miniature Steam Gala because of this. Then we had the glorious summer, with riders enjoying the cooling breeze from travelling in open air carriages as they did two circuits around our track. The running year ended on December 2nd in an appropriately miniature version of the year, with rain in the morning and long waits for passengers, to an afternoon where we had to add extra carriages to make a 4 coach train, and ran for 30 minutes after closing time to ensure that everyone got a ride.

Whenever you visited, we'd like to say thank you. It's your contributions through the fare box that make the whole enterprise viable (see what I did there?), and this year you've helped us buy a new locomotive, 'Neptune'.

We're closed now until spring next year. This gives us chance to get on with annual maintenance, and for members to make progress with their individual engine builds, or whatever else brought them to us in the first place. Maybe I'll have a boiler added to my ever growing model, but I fear it will still once again be in the static exhibition section of next year's Miniature Steam Gala.

We look forward to welcoming you in 2019. Stay safe, look after yourselves, and we'll see you then.

Expansion Link

Members - December 2018 edition of Expansion Link has been published on the member's page, thanks to Richard.

History of the club

Small image of engine The Basingstoke and District Model Engineering Society was founded by a small group of people over 30 years ago who enjoyed building, running and maintaining model machinery and engines. They established a model engineering club at the Viables Craft Centre in Basingstoke and built track and road facilities for model locomotives and traction engines to run on. However, all aspects of the model engineering hobby are practised and supported by the society. Since its founding, interest and membership has grown.

The club and its facilities, still based on the original site, have flourished. They now offer a 1000 foot long passenger-carrying railway complete with station and tunnel, and a scenic traction engine track. The club continues to provide friendly support and fellowship for its members to develop and pursue their interests in model engineering and thus make their contribution to the preservation of key aspects of Britain's industrial history in miniature.

Please feel free to browse the site, use the links on the left of the page to navigate. Don't hesitate to contact if you have any queries about model engineering or the B&DMES Club, and we will do our best to answer as quickly and as accurately as we can. Thank you for visiting!

Image of B1 and L1

Prospective members are invited to attend a few of our meetings, by arrangement with a committee member, before deciding whether or not to join. When visiting it is essential that you make yourself known to a club member who will book you in as a visitor. (This is necessary for insurance purposes). More Details.

Comments on the site should be directed to the webmaster other communications should be directed to the appropriate officer on the Contact page.

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