Public Rides

Public hauling includes two laps of our track circuit where you will experience a non-stop run through the station at speed, with a total ride of just under 2000ft in length! Passenger carrying usually takes place between 11am and 4pm.

We are usually able to offer rides behind diesel or electrically powered locomotives and live steam locomotives. The diesel outline locomotives are usually electrically powered, some with authentic sound effects fitted, other diesel outline locomotives are petrol powered. The live steam locomotives are miniature versions of full size steam engines and burn coal and use water just like full size.

Public Running Dates 2017

DecemberSunday 3rd In conjunction with Viables Craft Center event.11am to 4pm, possibly continuing to 5pm depending upon demand.£1-50

Rides are always subject to availability and the weather*. Very occasionally we have to amend dates, those shown above are as up to date as possible. Because of the time it takes to raise steam and cool our steam locomotives, these engines are often not available first thing in the morning or approximately an hour before the last train. Please note, our steam locomotives are powered by burning real coal and therefore there may be risks of smut or spark emissions**.


The use of cameras and camcorders whilst riding on our trains is not permitted. Failure to comply can cause derailments due to passengers loosing their balance risking injury to themselves and other passengers.

*B&DMES cannot be held responsible for withdrawal of running services due to such circumstances.

**Riders do so at their own risk and should wear suitable clothing and/or protection.

Engines often "On Shed"

London & North Eastern Railway (ex. Great Central region), 'C4' Class #5192 'Jersey Lilly'
Great Western Railway, 'Prairie' Tank #5192
Great Western Railway, 'Manor Class' #7801 'Anthony Manor'
British Railways, class '37' #D6703 'First East Anglian Regiment'
Great Northern Railway, '01' class #456
British Railways (ex. Midland region), 'Class 5' #45059
British Railways (ex. London North Eastern region), 'B1' class #61042
British Railways (ex. Southern region), 'U class' #31807
British Railways '9F' class #92220 'Evening Star'