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Member's Calendar

Member's Running Days

The club has running days where any member of the club can run their railway, traction or stationary engine at our facilities. The aim of the day is to run, enjoy, socialise and show models to other club members. Unfortunately these events are not open to the public due to restrictions on our insurance policy.

Members of other clubs are welcome to attend any member's day throughout the year. Boiler certificates will be required. Please get in contact if you wish to run from another club to let us know to expect you (and to make sure we have enough tea and biscuits).

Members day running is usually from about 10am to 5pm.

Tuesday Evening Meeting

Social club meetings are on alternate Tuesday nights at the clubhouse, and often have a theme or event. These meetings are for members only, although prospective members are welcome, please ensure you find a member and are signed in as a visitor.

Meetings run from 7pm to 9pm, with optional members running afternoon.

Maintenance and Training

Working parties to keep track & site shipshape and operational staff trained. Check notice board for details.

Public Running

11am to 4pm (setup from 9:30am), unless stated otherwise.

This calendar will be updated throughout the year to show updates and amendments.
Last updated 10-Jan-2018
January1MondayMember's Day
2Tuesday Meeting Night
13/14Saturday / SundayMaintenance Weekend
16TuesdayBits and Pieces Evening
30TuesdayMeeting Night
February10/11Saturday / SundayMaintenance Weekend
13TuesdayMeeting Night
25SundayDriver / Public Running Training
27TuesdayMeeting Night
March10/11Saturday / SundayMaintenance Weekend
13TuesdayBits and Pieces Evening
18SundayPublic Running
27TuesdayMeeting Night
31SaturdayMaintenance Weekend
April1SundayMaintenance Weekend
7/8Saturday / SundayMiniature Steam Gala
10Tuesday Meeting Night
24Tuesday Bring and Buy Evening
May6SundayPublic Running
8Tuesday Stationary Engines
13SundayMember's Running Day
22Tuesday Meeting Night
June3SundayPublic Running
5Tuesday Bits and Pieces Evening
16SaturdayVisitor's Open Day
including Fish and Chip Supper
19Tuesday Meeting Night
July1SundayPublic Running
3Tuesday Meeting Night
14SaturdayEfficiency Competition & Barbecue
17Tuesday Meeting Night
31TuesdayBring and Buy Evening
August5SundayPublic Running
14Tuesday Meeting Night
28Tuesday Meeting Night
September2SundayPublic Running
9SundayVisitor's Open Day
11Tuesday Meeting Night
23SundayMember's Running Day
25Tuesday Meeting Night
October7SundayPublic Running
9Tuesday Bits and Pieces Evening
13SaturdayMember's Running Day
23Tuesday Meeting Night
27SaturdayHalloween Public Running
November6TuesdayBring and Buy Evening
11SundayMember's Running Day
14WednesdayAGM (Date to be confirmed)
20Tuesday Meeting Night
December2SundayPublic Running
4Tuesday Meeting Night
18Tuesday Meeting Night